G/WX™ secured its first contract in July 1988 with Central Soya, one of the world’s largest soybean processors, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Central Soya had several weather forecasters in-house trying to predict the end of the Great 1988 mid-west Drought. We were successful where the others were not, thus being awarded a three-year contract.  Our primary area of focus to date has been the Mid-west United States, specifically the Corn Belt, although we have also produced forecasts for the crop growing regions of Brazil and the Amur Region in Southeastern Siberia.

In addition, we have prepared forecasts for several Himalayan expeditions, including the 1986 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Mt. Everest George Mallory Search Expedition, forecasts for the 1991 New England Everest Expedition, and the 2003 Mimi Vadasz Pacific NW Everest Expedition, and more recently the 2019 Makalu Himalayan Peaks and Places Expedition. Forecasts for film projects include Brentwood Pictures, a Los Angeles advertising company, and a Hollywood movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “True Lies”.

  • Farming & Agriculture

  • Media Production Companies

  • Climbing & Alpine Expeditions

  • Event & Vacation Planning

  • Shipping & Oceanic Travel