Maps are available for purchase in the following configurations: a Single Map (covers a 2-3 day time period), a 10-Day Package (includes 3-5 maps, depending on the time period), or a 1-Month Package (includes 10-15 maps, depending on the time period). Maps in a package must be consecutive dates. Pricing is as follows:

  • Single Map: $50
  • 10-Day Package: $150 (saves up to $100)
  • 1-Month Package: $400 (saves $100-$300)
  • Farming & Agriculture

  • Media Production Companies

  • Climbing & Alpine Expeditions

  • Event & Vacation Planning

  • Shipping & Oceanic Travel

  • Ski Areas 

  • City & Township Winter Maintenance

I have been using G/WX long range forecast maps as part of my tool kit for a variety of weather critical projects—film production, helicopter skiing operations and avalanche mitigation. Their maps’ accuracy can be uncanny, which combined with other conventional weather forecasting products, offers clients an edge in critical decision making.

Mike Friedman

G/WX can provide no guarantees.   This unusual weather research project is now over 30 years old and on-going.   The average accuracy of the G/WX Maps over this period has varied around 70%.   This means that about 30% of the G/WX Maps may be incorrect.

Once again, this is WEATHER, therefore, nothing is guaranteed.   It can and has occurred that the G/WX Maps have had a long run of proving out, and then a map or series of maps come up incorrect.  But that is the weather.